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Course Details

The Tripoli International Half Marathon course winds through diverse neighborhoods and city highlights throughout Tripoli. The majority of the race is run on paved asphalt and concrete streets.

The course is a certified IMC (International Measurement Certificate) and your time may be used as a qualifier for Olympic Marathons.

The Tripoli Half Marathon course is officially open for six hour pace. The finish line, aid stations and fluid stations will remain open for a six-hour pace and close on schedule.

Course Support

Km Markers & Clocks
Km Markers and clocks will be highly visible at each km to assist runners in gauging their progress. Kilometer markers are located every 7K, from 7K – 21K will also be placed on the race course.

Medical Aid Stations
There will be five aid stations available to runners throughout the race course. Additionally, there will be an aid tent at the start and finish lines. Red Cross will provide all medical assistance during this event. For your safety, it is important to print any specific medical needs on the reverse side of your race bib. Medical stations will be equipped to assist runners with any basic medical needs and will also have a supply of band-aids. For medical emergencies, an ambulance will be called to transport the runner to a local hospital. Cell operators will be available approximately every one km if you need to alert someone that you need immediate medical assistance while on the course.

Fluid Stations
There will be five fluid stations throughout the race course supplying PowerAde and non-carbonated, water to runners. Additionally, there will be a fluid station at the start and finish lines.

Restroom Facilities
Five men/woman identified portable restrooms equipped with hand cleaner at various locations throughout the course, including the start and finish lines and relay exchange points.

Course Entertainment
The local “kachaff” will cheer runners along the course. There will be course entertainment throughout the race course. Watch for live bands, pep bands, exciting themed water stations.